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The Goan cuisine has an influence of Portuguese and native cultures of India. Goa is also unique in the sense that this mixture of East and West and very distinctly different from that of any other part of India. This is well reflected in its cuisine.
The requisites for authentic Goan cooking are certain ingredients peculiar to it. Hardly any Goan dish is complete without coconut as one of the main flavoring agents. Fresh coconut, in one form or the other, is added or grated, ground fine into a paste or in the form of milk, extracted from the flesh of the fresh coconut. The coconuts are available easily everywhere in Goa.
For most Goan dishes, red dried chilies (Gantti) / Kashmiri chilies are used. It gives red color to the cooking. This red dried chilies / peppers form the major ingredient for the ground spices in most fish and meat dishes.


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